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The Wildheart Collective is a journey about Learning to embrace our true wild hearts in order to live a life of absolute freedom. The journey to 'Life Abundantly."

It was born out of the vision of creating a platform to engage in deeper conversations  that can set our souls on fire and lead us on a journey into a freedom we have never experienced before. A freedom that we were created for. A freedom that is out Destiny. Our birthrights. The freedom that comes from embracing our wild hearts. Not "wild" in the context of lacking discipline and being our own gods, but "wild" in the context of a bold, unashamed pursuit of who we are and who we were created to be. A freedom that is rooted in "Life Abundantly." 

It's an invitation to go on a journey together. To pursue, to contend, to risk boldly in honesty and 

humility to know who we are and what our purpose in life is, through the topics around Faith, Family, Our stories, Our Worth (being Beautifully & Wonderfully Made), how we can live an "Unashamed Life," and what Health & Wellness look like as a whole individual. Mind. Body. Spirit.


We live in a society and a world that carries with it a certain degree of pain and suffering.

A degree of trauma that is past down through generations. We carry with us the effects of that trauma. How we engage the world around us, how we engage the people in our lives. Our families. Our coworkers. Our friends. Our romantic partners. Whether we have an awareness about it or not, these are affected by how we deal with these traumas. 

 My husband and I are a modern day Brady Bunch. Together we have 5 amazingly creative, beautiful, full of life, daughters. We met in 2015 (I believe) but my life was a complete disaster, to put it nicely. I was smack dap in the middle of a divorce. Completely broken and desperately trying to find meaning and my purpose in life. I was a wreck. My life was a wreck. We dated for a few months, but then I pulled the ghost move, and disappeared. Broke his heart.

Fast forward to 2017, in a Home Depot checkout line, our paths crossed again and this time, something was different. He was different. I was different. We both had been on a journey the prior years that changed us both. We were two totally different people. 

What changed during those two years apart? Well, hang around here long enough, and you will embark on the same journey, we both did.A journey we both are still on. A journey we will be on our whole lives. A journey we WANT to be on our whole lives, because of the deep, soul satisfying freedom that comes from accepting the invitation of, “what does it mean to really be free?” 

Will you journey with me, with us, as we pursue our “life abundantly” that comes learning to live free.

A Wild Heart truly set free! 

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