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"Night Watch"

2:00am. Restless. Unable to sleep. My mind is racing about where we find ourselves as a society right now. Forced lock down. Forced to distance from our communities. Our loved ones. Told we cannot meet for church. Churches complying. “Closed until Further notice” Suicide on the rise – but not being covered or cared for. Addiction and overdose on the rise – but not being covered or cared for. Child sex trafficking being exposed. Governors becoming dictators as they falsely claim “state of emergency” to further their agendas. 3Million people in Orange County. 494 dead from COVID. 29,000 confirmed cases. .0002% of Orange County has died from COVID. .01% of Orange County has tested positive for COVID. No current numbers for lives lost to suicide and addiction during this time. Forced shutdown. Deeper Depression. Higher anxiety. The Spirit of Fear running our Nation.

My blood boils. My mind races. This cannot be. This has to end!

Riots in the streets. Police departments being defunded. Those that have sworn an oath to protect, honor and serve, have targets on their backs. Lawlessness is embraced as a “pathway to change.” Silenced by shame if you have a different opinion than the mainstream. Labeled “a racist” if you don’t partner with BLM. A society governed by Emotionalism. Rational Thinking – Critical Thinking are shamed and condemned. Met with contempt from friends and family. Become labeled “white privilege” A society polarized. Isolated. Cities burned. Ashes replace generational businesses. The masses march in the streets. The few sweep up the wreckage, the debris. A Spirit of Hopelessness run in the streets.

My blood boils. My mind races. This cannot be! To what end!?!

Economy completely smothered. Small business owners. Suffocated. Banned from the commerce world that puts food on their families table. Employees forced to compromise health to wear a mask or the threat of job loss. Lungs burning. “I can’t Breathe.” Shamed for not wearing a mask. Migraines because I complied. Panic. Unemployment skyrockets. Depression. Anxiety. Suicide. Domestic Violence. Child abuse. No one wants to talk about these numbers. Only COVID. The only lives that matter are the lives that play in favor of an agenda. News is no longer “news.” It’s sole purpose is to manipulate emotions. To further the polarization. Divide Communities. Isolate the weakest in society. Those who desperately need their communities. Our children – Our elderly. Schools shut down. Parents having to juggle kids, work and life, with no separation between any of them. Counties trying to open. Threatened to have funds withheld if they do. No end in sight.

My blood boils. Tears streaming down my face. This has to stop! To what end?!?

Where will my voice be heard?

A letter to the President? Maybe recalling the Governor. Get as many signatures as possible. Then we will be heard. Plead our case to another human with another agenda. The hamster wheel of despair. Hopelessness rises.

In the stillness of another sleepless night, a quiet voice:

“Eyes up Child, Eyes up. You’ve forgotten to whom you belong. You’ve forgotten the Authority in which your prayers hold. Your power to push back darkness. You’ve forgotten which kingdom you are a citizen of.

Eyes up Child, Eyes up. You’re on the Night Watch."

While the world sleeps. You pray. In the stillness, in the quiet of the night, I'm calling you sit with me. To claim victory over the places that I have given you to see. The things that are keeping you from sleeping. You’re on the Night Watch. While your children sleep, you battle the unseen. Interceding on the world’s behalf. On your city’s behalf. On your Nations behalf. You’re on the Night Watch. Specifically called for a time such as this.

While the world sleeps, burdened by their curses, bring them at my feet before the cross. Strongholds will be broken. Prison doors will be opened – the captives set free. The plans of the wicked – confused, exposed, unable to prosper. A land once cursed, covered in a Blessing. Darkness unable to remain where the Light has been claimed. The spirits of fear, confusion, greed, manipulation, anger, hatred, division – called out by name and commanded to leave. They are not welcome here any longer. The Presence of Peace, Unity, Clear-mindedness, Generosity, Compassion, Love and Forgiveness are ushered in. A revival. The Kingdom coming to Earth as it is in Heaven. Generational sins and soul ties broken in Jesus Name. The strongholds of racism and victimization, broken over this generation and the generations to come. “For I will forgive their wickedness and remember their sins no more.” -Jeremiah 31:30 The Presence of peace and unity ushered in over the Nations. “The whole valley where dead bodies and ashes are thrown… WILL BE HOLY to the Lord, the city will never again be uprooted or demolished.” – Jeremiah 31:40

I pour out your blessing over our cities. That our homes will be filled with your peace. Where there is death, resurrection life will abound. The fatherless will have fathers. A blessing of provision in place of poverty. Laughter and joy in place of heartache. Hope in place of hopelessness. A blessing of Healing over this generation and the next and the next…..

A battle in the quiet of the night. A promise rings out "Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God's." -2 Chronicles 20:15

You’re on the Night Watch.

“Eyes up, Child, Eyes up.”

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