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Welcome to The Wildheart Collective!

First of all, I want to say that I am so glad you are here. If you were coming into my home, I would be smiling from ear to ear. Elated to have you in my home. I would show you into the kitchen where you would find be some fresh baked muffins or goodies to snack on. A pot of coffee would have just finished brewing and I would ask if you wanted coffee, tea or something else to drink. We would be laughing as we grab our treats and head to the family room to sit on the couches. Small talk would commence while we munch on our snacks, but as we finish, with endearment in my eyes I would ask, "How are you doing, friend?" "What's keeping you up at night these days?"  We would laugh together, cry together, share our hearts together, and pray together.

So my invitation, as you sit here, on the other side of the screen, would you feel welcomed into my virtual home. Grab your favorite cup of coffee, tea or lemonade and lets sit together on our couches. Let's laugh together, cry together, share our hearts together, pray together, and ponder all the wonders that make up our worlds. I am so Elated that you are here and I look forward to engaging our hearts in conversations as we share together.  

Take a look around, add you comments, thoughts, questions and lets go on this journey together. 

                                                                          -Lindi Carter-Moore

The Wildheart Collective is a journey about Learning to embrace our true wild hearts in order to live a life of absolute freedom. The journey to 'Life Abundantly."

It was born out of the vision of creating a platform to engage in deeper conversations  that can set our souls on fire and lead us on a journey into a freedom we have never experienced before. A freedom that we were created for. A freedom that is out Destiny. Our birthrights. The freedom that comes from embracing our wild hearts...

Orange County, California

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